Speechwriting | Climate, Jobs, Justice

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Drafted stump speech on quick turnaround aimed at pressuring recalcitrant members of Congress to support the Build Back Better policy agenda

Remarks prepared for August 2021 Climate, Jobs, Justice rally

Thank you everyone for coming out today.

We’re here today because we think the man inside that building desperately needs a reality check. And we are going to deliver it.

Here’s the reality:

  • Our planet is on fire and we have little time to change course. 
  • We are in the midst of an unprecedented health crisis and need every tool at our disposal to keep people healthy. 
  • Parents in this country are broke and burnt out and need help.

And yet Rep. Josh Gottheimer seems to have forgotten all of that. 

Because this man really thinks that now of all times is a good moment to tank a desperately needed budget bill that would jump start our fight against climate change. That would expand Medicare coverage. That would deliver childcare and paid family leave to working families.

Senate Budget Chairman Bernie Sanders has crafted a $3.5 trillion budget bill that puts the needs of working people ahead of the CEOs and corporate elite. 

But Rep. Gottheimer wants to try and flip that equation. He is threatening to kill this budget bill because his corporate donors aren’t happy with it.

If Josh Gottheimer gets his way?

Our chance at universal paid childcare? Gone!

Our chance at expanding vision, dental, and hearing health coverage for our senior citizens? Gone!

Our chance to penalize union busters? Gone!

Our chance to stop pumping billions in taxpayer subsidies to companies that are burning our planet? Gone!

Well I have four words for you: not on our watch

This is a now or never moment. We are all in on this fight. And we know that all of you gathered here today are too. We need to expand Medicare, we need to deliver universal childcare to working families, we need to cut Big Oil off, we need to protect worker rights. And now is our moment to do it. Josh Gottheimer, you and the rest of the Nefarious Nine are officially on notice: get on the side of working people or get out of the way.


Climate, Jobs, Justice Rally. Glen Rock, NJ
Photo credit: Our Revolution